Design-Build & Design-Assist

Development, engineering, and testing of support systems, finish specification management and risk analysis to meet the ever-evolving landscape of architectural design.

Design-Build & Design-Assist

Weather, gravity, and a variety of other daily forces put significant stress on cladding surfaces. Having a secure structural support system is critical if developers and architects want to safely take advantage of the timeless beauty and unmatched resilience of natural stone and terracotta. The Carrara team provides the experience, construction knowledge, and understanding of stone to design, advise, and implement project specific support systems.

Why Choose Carrara


Anchorage and support systems must reliably perform and pass all regulatory codes and ordinances – no exceptions. Carrara’s track record of success is a testament to our team’s commitment to superior solutions.


At the end of the day, budget and timeline are top priorities. Our team works proactively to streamline the design, engineering, and installation of anchorage and support systems, so projects go according to schedule.


With a diverse portfolio of successful, mechanically anchored projects, Carrara can easily adapt its experience to any project challenge. There’s no task, big or small, that the Carrara team can’t tackle with confidence.