Value Engineering

Securing our clients’ vision through strategic design build system engineering, risk analysis & competitive global sourcing.

Value Engineering

By leveraging our global reach, design-build specialty, and long-standing sourcing relationships, the Carrara team helps architects and designers realize their design vision while maintaining project timelines, efficiencies, and, of course, budgets. Our team can advise on a range of budget elements including the prospects of cost-effective alternative materials, support system designs, and installation methods.

Why Choose Carrara


Through the education of our clients, we help reduce costs without compromising the integrity of the system, finishes, or vision.


Getting the most from a project demands a service-minded approach. We go hands-on with our clients to help uncover new efficiencies and optimize their projects every step of the way.


Often the greatest efficiencies appear when we think outside the box. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, direct sourcing, and a creative approach to means and methods, Carrara can streamline projects and capitalize on opportunities others would have missed.