The Value of Accreditataion

Why Accreditation Matters

Published April 2020
By: Darren Mattix & William Cordova Jr

The business of natural stone is an International one. Stone suppliers of varying skillset & ability exist in nearly every country around the globe, making it incredibly important that, collectively, we both communicate and operate within recognized, professional standards from end-to-end of the supply chain. Meaningful professional accreditation, recognized worldwide, is a true distinguishing factor for subcontracting professionals in the natural stone industry; it is a factor closely monitored by architects & general contractors demanding the highest tier of quality service.

Carrara is a company that, since 1953, and through an inherent respect for the materials that we work with, strives to provide the highest quality of fabrication and installation workmanship in the service of cultural and architectural innovation that will endure for generations. Our successful pursuit of this mission is invaluably aided & enhanced by the contributions of our distinguished associate trade organizations such as the NSC, NSI, & ISFA. Recognizing the effect of these contributions on the standards for delivered quality in such dynamic and increasingly complex building ecosystems as the Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas markets, Carrara is highly vigilant when it comes to the adherence to these standards by our supply chain producers and other industry partners around the world.

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Collectively, these organizations confirm a set of professional values and standards that are the best practices for the entire industry. Our memberships are global, representing the best of the best, adhering to a recognized code of ethics and exacting fabrication standards, while always pushing the envelope in industry innovation.

Carrara understands the necessity of active involvement with our accrediting trade organizations, and was, therefore, very proud to host the ISFA “Classic Rock” Roundtable Event at our City of Industry Headquarters in early 2020. Attending were solid surface fabricators and vendors from throughout North America. This forum offered a full day of briefings, plant tours, and presentations on subjects pertinent to the solid surface industry. It was the first such event hosted by Carrara, providing a tremendous opportunity for the attending surface fabricators to meet and share their experiences with production, machinery, resins, markets, safety and much more.

We look forward to continued partnership with our accrediting organizations and to future opportunity to be a medium for thought-leadership by our fantastic group of industry professionals!